Small Ruminants

This page is for those who are choosing to raise Sheep and Goats on their farm or property. The articles and links are from various universities and various sheep and goat breed associations. 


If you have any questions about farming with small ruminants, e-mail Duane Mohr:


Events and Webinars

2021 OSU Small Ruminant Webinar Series

OSU Small Ruminant Webinar Pt. 3

2021 Buckeye Fresh Mini Meat Cutting Workshops

VSPA 2021 Shepherds’ Symposium
Past VSPA Shepherd’s Symposium Recordings

Webinar Series on Parasite Management in Sheep and Goats

Lambing and Kidding Webinar

Lamb and Goat Nutrition Webinar


Colostrum and Milk Management for Newborn Lambs and Kids

A Guide to Tube Feeding Lambs and Kids

Sheep Grazing Management 

Preparing for the Breeding Season in Meat Goats and Hair Sheep 

Feeding Sheep

Sheep Extension

Sericea lespedeza

Sheep 101

Grazing Sheep is a Learning Process

Are Parasites a Limiting Factor in your Operation?

Marketing Lamb and Goat for Holidays

Attention all U.S. Sheep and Goat Producers: Let Your Voices Be Heard!

Secure Sheep and Wool Supply (SSWS) Plan

Club Lamb Fungus – Ringworm

American Wool Assurance Program


WVU Davis College Annual Goat Testing

Grass, Goats, and Uninvited Guests!

More Resources for Sheep and Goats

Goat Pasture Management

Goats Grazing

Plants Poisonous to Goats

Plants Toxic to Goats

Goat Multi-Species Grazing

Using Goats for Vegetation Management

Grazing Management for Goats

Basic Reproduction and Breeding of Meat Goats


Small Ruminant Health

Contagious Keratoconjunctivitis (Pinkeye)

Ruminal Acidosis (Grain Overload)

Everything You Need to Know About Worms in 25 Minutes – Video

Rectal Prolapse in Small Ruminants

Vaccinating Young Livestock Against Disease is Affordable, Practical

2021 FAMACHA© and Fecal Egg Count Workshop Opportunities

Forage and Pasture

Forage Focus: Tips for Spring Grazing

It’s Time for Summer Annuals to Shine
Timing Pasture Mowing for Weed Control

Frost Seed Red Clover for Forage

7 ways to Maximize Manure as Fertilizer 

Two Common Cereal Harvesting Mistakes

Feeding Wet Forages: Considerations for Sheep

Taking Charge of Baled Silage

Poisonous Plants to Livestock

Hay Evaluation for Sheep and Goats

Hay Barn Fires are a Real Hazard

Breed Information

Why Katahdins?

Goat Breeds

Sheep Breeds

Crossbreeding for Profit

Other Resources

University of Maryland Small Ruminants Page

Virginia State University Small Ruminant Page

Ohio State Sheep Team

Michigan State University Sheep and Goat Page 

American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control