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Virginia Conservation Assistance Program

The Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP) is a program that helps HOAs, individual homeowners, schools, places of worship, and other communities with urban soil erosion and water runoff.​

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Application Process

VCAP process for Prince William County residents!

Every Soil and Water Conservation District manages the VCAP program differently. Our District used to have an application period, but as we've increased in staff and can handle more VCAP projects, we'll be doing site visits throughout the year! We will only conduct site visits for people who have filled out and submitted the Site Visit Request Form (see below).

Please note that our VCAP is only available to Prince William County residents; we do not cover the City of Manassas or Manassas Park at this time.

How to apply:

  1. Determine if you have an erosion or water quality problem on your property

  2. Look at the options available at For further guidance, go to:

  3. Fill out and submit this form: Site Visit Request Form. The more details you can provide, the better.
    Photos are a requirement; please make sure to attach photos along with your Site Visit Request Form. Copying and attaching photos in a .doc or .pdf is acceptable. Submitting a video of your erosion concerns when it's raining is optional, but very helpful as well.

  4. Request forms can be e-mailed to You can also snail mail them to Prince William SWCD, Attn: VCAP, 8850 Rixlew Lane, Manassas, VA 20109.

When submitting a Site Visit Request Form, here are some things we look for:

  • A significant water quality/erosion problem that needs to be solved

  • Properties that are adjacent to a waterbody/waterway

  • Visibility to the public (can someone casually driving by see it?)

If you are unsure about your project, remember that it never hurts to apply! Do your best and fill out what you can.

What happens after you submit a Site Visit Request Form

This might look tedious, but we will work with you every step of the way!

  1. Receive verification from the District that we have acquired your Site Visit Request Form.

  2. Schedule a site visit and work with you on a plan and your application (assuming VCAP will be able to address your concerns). Please note that the Site Visit Request Form and the VCAP Application are different documents. Click here for a list of Sample Application Forms.

  3. Present application to the District’s Technical Review Committee, which typically meets the second Thursday every month (if timing is real tight and the application is almost together, this step could be skipped).

  4. Have application approved at the Board meeting, which typically meets the third Thursday every month

  5. Once approved by the District's Board, the District will then submit the application to the VCAP Steering Committee (state). They either meet at the end of the month or the beginning of the following month.

  6. Wait. Any construction started before the application is approved by the VCAP Steering Committee may void the contract. If construction cannot wait because plants need to get in the ground, please be aware of that risk. Keep all receipts.

  7. Once approved by the VCAP Steering Committee, the District will contact you.

  8. Construction can begin! The District should be informed before construction begins so we can meet with the contractor to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  9. Once the project is complete, the District will do a site visit to verify. All receipts and volunteer hours (if you do the the work yourself) will need to be given to the District before payment can be issued. Payment is based on your receipts or what was approved for your project, whichever is the least 

  10. The VCAP project must be maintained for 10 years. The District will perform periodic spot checks throughout the lifespan of the practice. If we come across any concerns, we'll work with you on addressing them. If you move within the lifespan of the practice, you are still responsible for it! Contact us and we'll help you transfer the responsibility of the practice to the new owners.

If you have any questions, please contact the District at 571-379-7514, or e-mail

Important Notes:

  • If you start/finish a VCAP practice before your application is approved, you may not be eligible for VCAP for that particular practice.

  • You will be responsible for finding a contractor or doing the work yourself; the right hand column has a list of potential contractors as well as many resources to help you out.



(PY = Program year, which runs from July 1-June 30)

Conservation Landscaping

Rain Gardens


*the District cannot recommend specific contractors. If you are a licensed contractor in Northern Virginia and would like to be added or removed from the list(s), please contact us at 571-379-7514,

Sample Application Forms

You do not need to fill out any of the forms below until after we meet with you.

For the most updated forms, click here.

Do not worry about contract numbers, ranking numbers, Hydrologic Unit Codes, or GPS Coordinates; we'll provide that information.

  • Form 1: Application

  • W-9

  • Form 2: Job Sheet

  • Form 3: Landowner Agreement

  • Form 4: Transfer of Responsibility (This form is for anyone who has a completed VCAP project but is moving during the lifespan of the practice and wants to transfer the responsibility to the new landowners. Please send this form to Nicole Slazinski at 8850 Rixlew Lane, Manassas VA 20109 or e-mail it to

  • Form 5: Liability Release (This form is for anyone who is forgoing the use of a Professional Engineer (PE) only for practices that require one. For more complex practices that require a PE stamp, Form 5 will not be applicable. For questions, please contact Nicole Slazinski at 571-379-7514,

  • Form 7: Cost-Share Adjustment Request

Does the application process look too intimidating? Then check out these applications other people have submitted for their VCAP projects! Huge thanks to the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District (VASWCD) and other soil and water conservation districts throughout Virginia for these excellent examples!

Personal information for these sample applications have been omitted. We will still help you with your application before submitting it to our Technical Review Committee; see Step 3 above.

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