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Testimonials - Agriculture

What do farmers in Prince William County say about our services? See below!
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"Many thanks for all your excellent counsel. It has made a huge difference. The field looks great, and we now have grass in the woods -- also per your recommendation -- for the first time since we've lived here. I am extremely grateful for the help your conservation specialist gave me. I feel like she took the time to go over every inch of this farm. Her recommendations have vastly improved the productivity, utility -- and health -- of our acreage. People actually stop to admire the pasture!." ~ Jim Crawford, horse farm

"We're very thankful for all the assistance PWSWCD has provided - as first time horse farm owner's we are really going to benefit from all the expertise and help. The conservation specialist has shared a wealth of information, including soil analysis, fertilization planning, pasture management, and more. She even brought an engineer out to the property to analyze water runoff and provide simple ways to manage erosion. It's all helping us to prioritize our improvements, and make good investments in the property. We can't wait to watch it all pay off! Best of all, PWSWCD is an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you!" ~ Brad and Emily Gardner, horse farm

"The information they provided has been a tremendous help. After we bought our farm in Catharpin, they even came out to look over the property and gave us several recommendations on all of the issues and improvements we faced. As a dressage rider/instructor from the Netherlands, I am very familiar with horse care. However, the information on soils, do's and don'ts, vegetation has proven invaluable as we experienced the first winter on our farm. I would highly encourage anyone interested in owning a farm, or even those that already do, to take one of their seminars. I'm sure you'll be amazed like I was that one tidbit of information you never knew about could come in so handy and help where you least expect it."~ Josepha Phillips, horse farm

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